The Githabul Rangers Project employs 15 people from the Githabul community including 9 Rangers, 2 Senior Rangers, 1 Senior Ranger Supervisor, 2 Cultural Officers and 1 Administration Officer. Ten trainees have also completed training with the team to achieve Conservation and Land Management Certificates from NSW TAFE.

Since 2009, the Githabul Ranger Team has contributed to high quality conservation projects within the National Parks, State Forests and Private Land that falls within the Githabul Nation. These projects have helped to improve the environmental values at sites within the Border Ranges National Park, Tooloom Falls Aboriginal Area, Tooloom National Park, Captains Creek Nature Reserve, Toonumbar State Forest, Yabbra State Forest, Toonumbar National Park, Koreelah National Park, Unumgar State Forest and as far west as Marylands National Park.

The work undertaken by the Githabul Rangers has helped to address major risks to our natural environment including Bell Minor Associated Dieback, introduction of invasive weeds and damage caused by feral animals. The Ranger team is committed to identifying issues related to poor land management practices of the past to improve the quality of the environment for the enjoyment of future generations of all Githabul People.

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